9th Jäger-Ski-WM 2019

Concentrate, aim and shoot! Hunters and hunters, who are on the piste as well as on the stalk, knew only one goal for 2019. The 9th Hunters Ski World Cup on Tegernsee. The race: a combination of giant slalom and shooting. The event: a spectacle of a very special caliber. In February 2019, Lake Tegernsee decided for the ninth time who could rightly call itself the Jäger-Skiweltmeisterin and the Jäger-Skiweltmeister.

As a partner hotel and restaurant, the Maier family and the entire team would like to thank the organizers for the successful event.

More photos and information about past and future events on: www.jaeger-ski-wm.com

© Fotos: Der Tegernsee, Thomas Müller