Franz Maier – From the hunt to the plate: hunter and restaurateur with passion

The tradition of hunting on Lake Tegernsee goes back a long way, and today hunters play a crucial role in maintaining the natural balance and biodiversity. Franz Maier, restaurateur, hotelier and passionate hunter, combines his love of hunting with his passion for good food. In his restaurant “Kirschner Stuben” in the family-run Hotel Maier zum Kirschner, game from his own hunt is served on the table, which stands for freshness, sustainability and regionality.

The hunting tradition is deeply rooted in Franz Maier’s family, and it not only enriches the cuisine of his restaurant, but also contributes to maintaining the natural balance. After being killed, the game is immediately broken up, cooled and allowed to hang out in the game room in order to preserve its quality.

Franz Maier emphasizes the importance of “care and care” in hunting, which means that game needs special protection in different seasons. Hunting is not just about killing animals, but also about experiencing nature and respecting the creature.

In the Kirschner Stuben restaurant, guests can enjoy a variety of game dishes all year round, including venison, venison and chamois, accompanied by seasonal side dishes and regional products. Preparing game requires sensitivity and care in order to preserve the tender texture and pure taste of the meat.

The cuisine at the Kirschner Stuben reflects the connection with nature and offers down-to-earth dishes with influences from different regions. The restaurant invites guests of all ages and backgrounds to experience the rich culinary tradition at Tegernsee.

For Franz Maier, hunting is not only a passion, but also a commitment to protecting and preserving the natural environment. His message is clear: treating nature and its resources with respect is essential for a sustainable future.

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Franz Maier
Von der Jagd auf den Teller

Jäger und Gastronom mit Leib und Seele
Franz Maier Von der Jagd auf den Teller Jäger und Gastronom mit Leib und Seele

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