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We are an official consolation donor and support the association “Little Patients in Need e.V.”

Kleine Patienten in Not e.V.

“Around 1.8 million children in Germany suffer an accident every year – be it in kindergarten, at school, while playing or on the road. This means that on average every 18 seconds a child needs medical attention after an accident”
And by no means always can the parents be there immediately to comfort and soothe. Children think and feel differently than adults and are even less able to deal with pain because they do not understand it. In addition, there are strangers and a frightening environment in the ambulance and hospital. What is bad enough for adults becomes even worse for children.
Spendenbutton - Kleine Patienten in Not e.V.

The association Kleinepatienten in Not e.V. has therefore made it its task to support children in emergency situations in particular and to take care of child-friendly first aid and care.